Defender Steering Bearings

Land Rovers have bearings in the top and bottom of the steering column. The replacement of which is described on the Defender workshop manual.

Unfortunately replacement bearings are not available through Land Rover or any of the normal bearing stockists and at approx. 80 (Pounds Stirling) for a new column, it makes for an expensive job.

Replacement of the bearings can be done in 2 ways, either by removing the column
from the vehicle which involves removing the steering lock or, by removing the drivers side wing to gain access to the bottom column bearing. If you use this method you must also disconnect the link to the steering box.
Both require the removal of the steering wheel.
Instructions for the above can be found in the 90/110 workshop manual.

Once access is gained, remove the lower bearing retaining circlip and , after checking that the steering lock is unlocked, tap the inner column downwards with a soft hammer.
This will push the lower bearing out enabling access to the bearing retaining collet and roll pin. Using a pin punch, knock out the roll pin and remove the collet, noting which way it was fitted as they are not all symmetrical. The bearing can now be removed from the inner shaft and replaced.
The upper bearing should be knocked out upwards and the replacement fitted so that it is 10mm from the top of the column.
Reassembly is the reverse of the above, fit the lower bearing, fit collet, insert roll pin, refit inner column to outer and replace circlip.

Job Done

The above proceedure is detailed in the 90/110 Workshop manual

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